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“Shabtis were called upon by the god Osiris to answer on behalf of the deceased. They would be called to do the work for the deceased in the afterlife.

It is important as members of society to speak for those who feel like they do not have a voice. LGBTQ+ is just one of many communities through history that have been perceived through the eyes of people who do not take the time to explore cultures different to their own.”

Donna Trump (Manchester Drag Queen)

Shabtis are funerary statues that were designed to work for the deceased in the afterlife. The ‘shabti spell’ that is written on many of these figurines articulates that when people died they became ‘an Osiris’. The change from being human to becoming divine represents a very powerful transformation of identity. Further, irrespective of gender people were becoming a male god.

Discrimination against minority groups, including LGBTQ+ has been a constant struggle in recent times, and it has become apparent that one thing that people can do is to speak in support of, and elevate suppressed voices.

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