“Often the lion, specifically the male lion, has been seen as the ‘King of the Jungle’ . However, as the hunters, as well as rearing children, lionesses can be seen as the effective rulers of the pride. But historically, the females have gone uncredited for their efforts – much like in the human world” 

Eva Serration (Manchester Drag Queen)

When animals are displayed in museums, it is very often the males that are shown, and where females are displayed it has tended to be part of a family group. Family groupings in museum dioramas have all too often perpetuated the artificial idea of a normalised nuclear family. There has been a lot of research on same sex couplings in the animal kingdom; observations of male lions have revealed that 8% of sexual interactions were with other males. And while same sex behaviour between females is not as common, it has been observed by lions in captivity. 

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