LBGTQ+ History Month and Beyond

Throughout February, we are proud to support LGBT+ History Month. This is a month to recognise and celebrate LGBTQ+ people in all their rich diversity. However, our celebration extends far beyond just one month. Many of the events and activities are part of ongoing programmes, and this month also sees the launch of new programmes which will continue all year round.


Queer Tales: An Object

Interpretation Workshop

3 February  at 1pm

Collection Bites:

LGBTQ+ Identity & Belonging

10 February  1pm

How can museums tell

LGBTQ+ stories?

15 February

Ancient Egyptian Identities:

LGBTQ+ History Month

19 February  at 10:30am

Staff LGBTQ+ Social

A Queer Tour

of Manchester Museum

Shabtis 2.jpg

Made to Measure


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