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Writing and research


Pride of Place: Amelia B Edwards

An insight into the life of Amelia Edwards who inspired the Egyptian collection at Manchester Museum.

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"Greek Love"

An exploration of images of same sex desire on Greek pottery in the Manchester Museum collection.

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Interpreting the Two Brothers

Curator of Egypt and Sudan, Dr Campbell Price looks at alternative interpretations of Manchester Museum's famous Two Brothers mummies.

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Neither male, nor female

Curator of Entomology, Dr Dmitri Logunov discusses the discovery of gynandromorph butterflies with both male and female patterning in the Museum collection.

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Gender Identity - Alliances for Solidarity

An exploration of the diversity of gender in different cultures.

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You and Me, Lesbian Seagulls...

A review of same sex relationships in the natural world.

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An Afternoon with The Family Gorgeous

A review of the 2018 event with insight into the ideas and theory behind the programme and queer interpretation of museum objects.

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The Museum Menagerie

Insights into the object interpretations used for the Family Gorgeous' 2019 Museum Menagerie event.

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Proud Trust at the Museum

A review of the Proud Trust take over of Manchester Museum for LGBT+ History Month 2020.

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The gall of it! Alfred Kinsey and his wasps

An exploration of how museum objects can be used to tell LGBTQ+ stories using a case study of wasp galls and asexual identity.

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