“I think the snake is a great animal representation of my drag as I am always reinventing myself and ‘shedding’. Also, I think on a larger scale I feel like when I discovered drag, I realised how limiting gender binaries were. So, I ‘shed’ that idea and now I live happily somewhere on the gender spectrum.” 

Lill (Manchester Drag Queen)

Snakes are a common in worldwide mythologies, and have often been associated with LGBTQ+ themes. In Japanese mythology Shirabyōshi are thought to be female deities who wore traditional male dress. In Borneo, among the pantheon of deities, Mahatala-Jata is an androgynous or transgender god. The male part of this god, Mahatala, rules the Upperworld, and is depicted as a hornbill living above the clouds on a mountain-top and the female part is Jata, who rules the Underworld from under the sea in the form of a water-snake. These two forms are linked by a jewel-encrusted bridge that is seen in the physical world as a rainbow. The Indigenous Australian rainbow serpent gods Ungud and Angamunggi are both also described as androgynous or transgender.

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