Queer Tales: A Conversation

In 2020 we celebrated Manchester Pride in spectacular style with a fabulous, family friendly digital drag show, Queer Tales: Myths and Monsters.

Queer Tales: A Conversation is a panel discussion in response to the digital show Queer Tales: Myths and Monsters. The conversation reflects on the show and provides a space to think about the power of queer storytelling, and LGBTQ+ inclusion in museums and other cultural spaces.

Queer Tales: A Conversation is available here and on our Youtube channel.

Queer Tales: Myths and Monsters

Meet the panel

Cheddar Gorgeous


Cheddar Gorgeous is a non-binary drag artist, storyteller and self-professed alien, unicorn, idealist. Cheddar uses the platform of drag to educate, create communities and comment on current affairs. They are also the co-creator of the hugely successful Channel 4 Television show, Drag SOS, helping humans across the UK to build self-confidence, explore identity and express their inner fabulous through the power of drag.

TEDx talk: The Power of Drag

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Beyonce Holes / Adam Lowe

Beyonce Holes.jpg

Beyonce Holes is the alter ego of poet Adam Lowe. Adam is of mixed Afro-Caribbean-Irish heritage, although much of his heritage remains apocryphal, with stories of a Portuguese naval medic and a melancholy Scottish pirate. Beyonce Holes typically works with drag as a way to embrace radical change and storytelling. At night, she likes to sneak political messages past her audiences through fierce looks and lots of attitude. During the daytime, Adam uses his poetry to remix myth and legend, and celebrate his heritage as a mixed-race, disabled queer person in Manchester.

Website: adam-lowe.com

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The Vicar's Daughter / The Altar Boy


Hi. I'm The Vicar's Daughter (They/Them). I perform as both a Drag Queen and a Drag King taking inspiration from philosophy, theology, art and literature. Excellent drag name don't you think? Fun Fact: My dad really is a vicar. I suppose life can be a little strange when your dad does PR for one of the world’s most famous celestial celebrities. Our jobs aren't too dissimilar when you think about it... Every weekend we both put on a silly costume, get up on stage in front of a room full of people and tell stories. The stories we tell have a common moral: to love, accept and celebrate everyone and everything without judgement.

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Paul Marks-Jones


Paul is theEquality, diversity and inclusion partner at the University of Manchester. His work ensures that faculties and libraries plan meaningful and important equality objectives which are in line with the overall strategic values of the University. He coordinates and directs staff network groups including ALLOUT and ALLOUT Allies. He is the University lead on the Universities Stonewall WEI application. He has been instrumental in the University achieving a top 20 place in this national index.   Paul was highly commended in the 2020 Making a Difference Awards with his contribution to the National Conference on Intersectionalities held in Manchester.  He has also lead on a successful University wide initiative to increase provision of Universal toilets and welfare spaces on campus.

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Holly Johnston


Holly James Johnston is an MSt student in English at the University of Oxford. In addition she is the Founder and Coordinator of LGBTQ House Tours at Strawberry Hill House. She also performs as a drag king under the name 'Orlando'.

University College Oxford Profile

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Michelle Scott (Chair)


Michelle is a PhD student at the University of Manchester, their research focuses on the construction of identity in Predynastic Egypt (in the 4th millennium BCE). They are also teach Archaeology at the University and work at Manchester Museum. For the past few years they have been part of a group working on LGBTQ+ inclusion at the museum and this year they have co-created 'Queer Tales: Myths and Monsters' with Cheddar Gorgeous. 

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